Auto Mails

With our Auto Mailer tool, user can easily send Daily updates or Status report etc. at a predefined scheduled time. Auto Mailer can also be used for getting daily updates on the recent developments in companies viz. sales, stock positions, Alerts, Scheduling Meetings etc. These can be incorporated in the standard products of TECS as per the requirement. This can

Parts you need to divide your paper into. There are 3 easy steps that you may wish to check out toterm paper writer‘ve got all of the chance to control a newspaper. There are several writing companies offering help also be used to send auto mailers to customers wishing them on their special day or as a reminder mail for new products launched.

Reading PDF

Convert your PDF data into tabular form for easy data analysis.

Bar Code printing and reading

Track your shipments and tags by integrating our Bar code reader into your system. Our module can print Bar codes and QR codes as per user specification. This can have two functions

  • Printing– Bar codes can be printed in various formats as per the user requirements

  • Scanning– Can be used for efficient data capture using standard bar code scanners Examples- Inventory tracking, Tracking of samples/cards

Graphic Interface

Our customized graphic interface is very user friendly and can be changed according to the needs of the customer

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker can be added onto your module to get real time updates on the locations

Real Time Monitoring

Real time retrieval and updating of information provides correct information at the right time as and when required

Survey/ Questionnaire

Create quick, simple & customizable surveys for your organization. Our module offers the following advantages

  • Add multiple types of questions (multiple choice, free text, etc.)

  • Organization can set a performance review survey to identify employees doing well in an organization

  • Create personalized questionnaire

  • Used for voting, trends tracking, quality check, e-Learning and more

  • View detailed reports in easy formats

Auto Tracking of Changes

With this module you can track the changes done in the tables of a database. All additions/ modifications done can be monitored along with the details viz. user, date and time stamp.