We can help you once the functionality of MS-Excel stops. With an expertise in MS Excel based systems, we have developed many applications using Excel as our front end. Helps user to analyze and compile excel data from multiple sources. By using VB Scripting and applying Macros, we can create software with functionalities, which exceeds the potential of MS Excel.

This can, not only speed up the process of working on excel but also automate many operations of your business.

Implementation of Excel based applications might not need to follow the lengthy process of IT/ Management approvals thus making the process simpler and efficient.



No Installation Required

No need of exhaustive installation of major softwares.


Easy to Use

User friendly graphics


Data Capture forms

To update or modify records. Designed with in-built validation and controls


VB Scripting

Adding programmable features beyond macros


Auto Mailers

Periodic mails are sent as reminders regarding the pending TLD Cards/ Outstanding Payments