TECS has developed a system for Radiation Monitoring of TLD cards for one of our clients. This involves reading of QR codes, Printing Labels, Logistics of TLD cards, Radiation Dose calculation and Billing.

This system is involved in monitoring the entire process in depth. Each stage of the card is tracked and various reports can be generated to view the status of the same.

All documents/ payments received are entered and auto mails are sent to the clients informing the related details.



Stock records

The user can get records on the dispatch and receipt of TLD cards


Auto Mailers

Periodic mails are sent as reminders regarding the pending TLD Cards/ Outstanding Payments


Printing and Scanning of QR codes

System auto generates QR codes specific to the institution and personnel while dispatching and also reads the same when the cards are received


Dose Calculation

This can track the amount of radiation exposed to the persons and Dose reports are mailed. Also details of the same are auto mailed to BARC/ AERB in case of over exposed cases.


Logistics information

System sends notifications regarding the dispatch/ receipt of TLD cards to the concerned Institutions for efficient tracking and monitoring